Crawlspace Drainage & services

  • interior French drain systems

  • exterior waterproofing

  • low point drain installation

  • sump pump installation

  • debris removal/clean-up

  • vapor barrier installation/repair

  • foundation crack sealing/repair

  • support post repair

  • vent well installation

  • vent screen repair

  • 5 year warranty on full crawlspace projects 

The sub-floor crawlspace is one of the most important, albeit most forgotten parts of a house. Maintaining a clean, healthy and dry crawlspace helps prevent against many health and structural related problems such as mold, mildew and organic growth, habitat for rodents and other pests, and foundation settling and dry-rot

Roof & Storm Water Management

  • rain drain installation

  • downspout installation

  • dry wells

  • soakage trenches and drain fields

  • rain gardens

  • rain drain scoping and cleaning

  • catch basin installation

  • storm drain repair

In our experience, poor roof water management is the number one cause of water intrusion in a basement or crawlspace. Ensuring that the gutters, downspouts and rain drain systems are functioning properly and draining water away from a structure is always the first step to solving any drainage problem. Common issues associated with this service are overflowing gutters, downspouts draining too closely to the structure, broken or clogged rain drains causing roof water to back-up next to a structure, etc.

Basement & Foundation waterproofing

  • basement waterproofing

  • foundation waterproofing

  • interior sub-floor drain systems

  • footing drains

  • foundation skirt drains

  • egress window installation

  • sump pump installation

  • skim coat

  • foundation crack sealing/repair

Any structure that is located below ground level is always susceptible to having issues with water. Regardless of whether a basement is finished or not, it is very important to protect it from water intrusion to prevent against health and structural issues. Extensive interior or exterior basement waterproofing projects can be very costly. However, there is often a simple solution or a step-by-step process that can be completed to mitigate any issues. Roof water management, existing drainage maintenance and correcting exterior grading are often more cost-effective solutions that should be considered first.

Landscape drainage & surface water management

  • French drains

  • dry creek beds

  • retaining walls

  • re-grading

  • channel drains

  • lawn replacement​

  • paver installation

  • concrete hardscaping

  • driveway replacement/repair

Second to roof water management, the exterior grading and landscaping improvements surrounding any structure are other solutions to consider to prevent drainage issues. It is especially important to divert water away from an affected structure or area in places where the soil content doesn't absorb water well. Soggy yards, patchy grass, deteriorating retaining walls, and excessive pooling on driveways and patios are all common problems associated with landscape drainage and surface water management.

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